We are incredibly grateful for our Donaboa community and we always love to hear from you! We believe in listening to our customers and endeavour to seek out products that are frequently requested and trending online. We want our customers to have the power to choose what’s best for them, and are constantly working to provide the best product information we can.

Beauty should be fun, empowering & accessible to everyone regardless of their age, skin tone or gender identity.
— Jeanny Clark
Donaboa Store is 100% Kiwi Owned!

We are the typical Kiwi small business who began way back in 2020 as a Clothing Importer and Distributor. From there the business expanded its wholesale operation selling professional hair colour, furniture, styling products clothing and accessories to several other beauty retailers. In 2021 we experimented with beauty retailing through a series of pop-up shops.

In October 2021, after confirming Kiwi’s loved our great brands and prices, we opened a permanent online retail store operating from Auckland in the heart of New Zealand’s fashion and beauty capital. In early 2022 we launched our new website which has an ever-increasing array of premium beauty brands at amazing prices. Over the next few months our online offering will get better, and better as more and more premium beauty brands and products are added.

Beauty is about confidence!

We think you all deserve to bounce out the door every morning feeling fabulous. We also think you’re smart, and you don’t need to be bossed around by a pushy sales assistant. Nor should you have to ask for permission to buy a product that’s locked away behind a counter. We want you to feel confident every day; and we want to give you the empowering beauty shopping experience that you deserve.

We’ll bring you the biggest range of brands that we possibly can, so that you can choose what YOU want. We want you to love all your beauty purchases, so we’re constantly working towards making the Donaboa experience as helpful as possible. Our service team are brand-agnostic, and don’t have sales targets or commissions - they just want to help! Shopping with Donaboa gives you the opportunity to go on a beauty adventure to try new things - we offer samples, gifts with purchase & deluxe trial sized products.

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